5 iPhone Apps That Will Make You More Efficient

There’s no time to waste when you’re running a business, no matter how small or large your scheme of things is! Fortunately, the right tablet or smartphone apps can easily help you trim down on overall wasted time. Here’re the top 5 apps that can come pretty handy in making your business team more agile, efficient and productive.
There are numerous fantastic note-taking applications on Google Play and its iOS counterpart; however, OneNote is definitely a crowd favorite, thanks to its easy-to-use UI and calm professional graphics. That implies you will waste less time navigating across different menus and will be able to get back to work faster.
In addition, OneNote is completely integrated with Microsoft Office and comes by default pre-loaded on all PCs running Windows 8, therefore the majority of business users already have it.
And as it is available for almost all computing platform, including Mac OSX, Android and iOS, you can easily access your OneNote from all your devices.
**2. Asana**
We’re in the middle of a collaboration age, where seamless connectivity is a must for all businesses and their different teams.
When working on a team project is your priority, keeping all your team members on the same page is essential and can be quite an ask.
That's the reason the world loves Asana, a productivity app that does the wonderful job of keeping all your team's goals and projects in one place so that all team members stay in sync. It's far more useful than email since Asana tasks are not so easily overlooked or lost since all your team members have access to each task list.
Moreover, you can assign individual team members to certain tasks, set deadlines, and do a lot more.
**3.Microsoft Remote Desktop**
Being away from office doesn’t have to mean that you stop working. Microsoft Remote Desktop is right there to help you connect to your office PC remotely using your iOS or Android device.
Once the connection is set up, you can access files on your office desktop and even run various Windows applications like the full desktop versions of Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint -- right on your tablet or smartphone.
Like any cloud-storage service, OneDrive comes handy in making you more productive by taking a backup of your files and making them easily accessible from just about anywhere.
It prides on having a simple drag-and-drop user interface that makes uploading files a ‘joie de vivre’. Being built right into the Windows, business users don’t actually have to install any additional plugins for getting started with OneDrive.
The app is also available for Mac OS X, Android and iOS, so you can easily work on your documents from all your devices and, no matter where you are.
Signing a digital document with DocuSign is a simple 3-step process. Get started by clicking the link in your notification email for opening the document.
Then, follow the prompts that walk you through the signing procedure. Now click "Confirm Signature." And voila! You’re done.
Once you confirm it, a notification will be sent to everyone to verify that the digital document has been signed. DocuSign is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so you can sign important documents from any device.
Amidst formidable business competition, it is a must for every startup or SMBs to innovate and make use of these latest tools and platforms to revamp their operations and get more productivity out of their team and business.
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